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Hair Style Shears & Scissors Sharpening

Scissors Sharpening

At Superior Sharpening Service Inc, we specialize in providing a sharpening service to businesses that make use of blades, and few jobs require tools to be as consistently sharp as a barber shop. Don't just throw out your scissors after they’ve been used; give them a quality tune-up with our hair style shears sharpening professionals. We also offer residential sharpening services, in case there are scissors at your home you need sharpened to perfection. We can come to your place of business and make sure your tools are at top-notch sharpness, so you can get right back to your men’s or women’s haircut.

Scissors are not the only tools that require sharpening. We offer a clipper blade sharpening as well. Make sure your clippers are working at top capacity to give your clients the fade haircut they need. We offer specialized and convex sharpening for the highest quality styling shears out there. One of our most popular sharpening choices consists of Diamond blade sharpening for barber shears with the quality all hair stylists out there can rely on. We’re here to take care of any and all of your commercial blade sharpening needs. Our precision machine sharpening gives you the quality you need for blades and shears without compromising standards. Our services also specialize in sharpening scissors used for fabric and household needs, as well as medical shears.

Take your services to the next level. Call Superior Sharpening Service Inc in Stuart, FL today and make sure your tools are giving you the work you need from them, with our quality blade and knife sharpening services.